March 30, 2010

Strawberry Walls Showing New Roots

The strawberries are showing young fruit and the roots are beginning grow into the felt where they receive moisture and nutrients. The top pockets are left open to place time-release food spikes. We are using Jobes Organics Fertelizer Spikes and allowing the drip irrigation lines to drip over the spikes. This creates a stream of nutrient water to wick through the felt and to the roots.

Harvest Walls Growing In

A visit to the vegetable test gardens in Brentwood are fruitful. Small berries are starting to form on the strawberry wall and the tomatoes are flowering already. After 3 weeks the Harvest Walls are growing in. The roots emerge from the root wrappers to receive nutrients and water from the felt.

We have run irrigation lines across the top row of pockets. We are using 1/4" mini soaker hose connected to 1/4" irrigation tubing connecting it to the hose timer. Our hose timers are set to water for 1 minute every 6 hours.

Usually it is considered too early to start planting in this area because the ground is too cold. The pleated planters are warmed by the sun getting us off to an early start.

March 20, 2010

Peperomia Wall

After 3 months the slow growing peperomia is filling in. Peperomia is a very low light succulent and used very little water. The drip irrigation is set for 10 minutes every 5 days. Overall it been very low maintenance and has been a delight to live with.

March 16, 2010

Floating Vertical Garden

Floating Vertical Garden at James Snidle Gallery in San Francisco.