November 17, 2010

Trish O'Sullivan Living Wall Design

Looking closer at Trish O-Sullivan's living wall design for the Nate Berkus Show set you can see how she made flowing areas that cross into each other. When the plants grow in and you stand back it makes it look like your looking through the window onto a terraced hillside. Contact Trish to help with your living wall designs. Trish O'Sullivan design group, eco floral design, New York City. (917) 328-4893

Executive Hotels & Resorts, Vancouver, Canada

Joel Franske, landscape designer, installs 5 FLORAFRAME Living Wall Systems (64" x 192") for Executive Hotels, Vancouver, Canada. Total 426 square feet.

November 3, 2010

Living Wall In 2 Weeks

The living wall at 10th and Bryant is already growing in after 2 weeks and gets a sign. Swing by and have a look.. 1190 Bryant Street in San Francisco.

Plant Food Injector

Living walls need to be fed because they have very little soil. Eventually the roots will reach into the felt for moisture and this is where we can offer them nuturents too.

We've devised a simple plant food injector that adds a bit of dissolved nutrient into the watering system with each ebb and flow of the automatic watering system. We've done this by clipping the hose from a standard pressure sprayer and added a simple 1/4" barbed splice connector. This is then connected to the water source hose. When the water system comes on its pressure adds water into the canister where it combines with the plant food concentrate. When the system turns off the pressure in the tank forces water into the hose where it waits for the next irrigation cycle. In time the water will become clear and you will know to add more plant food to the container. Be sure to use water solluable fertilizers so you don't clog your emitters.

Here's the pressure tank we like to use: Roundup 1gal Garden Sprayer (Amazon) ($20)

This is one we installed for Population Hair Salon in San Francisco. Stop by and have a look. They love to show off their lovely living wall. See: Population Hair Salon Living Wall Installation

November 2, 2010

Environmental Charter High School

La Loma Development installed a 21' x 4' living wall kit for Environmental Charter Highschool in Los Angeles. The school hosts numerous eco projects mingled amongst their classroom and learning areas. The students are to begin planting the vertical garden panels in the coming weeks.

November 1, 2010

Raphael Restaurant

Raphael Restaurant on Ventura Blvd in Studio City, Los Angeles doubled the size of it's street front living walls during their current expansion. There are now over 60 feet of living walls that face the street. The partitions are double sided to create a living wall experience for their outdoor eating areas. The felt panels absorb sounds from the busy street nearby. Raphael Restaurant, 11616 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA (818) 505-3337