March 11, 2011

Fern Wall Installation Slideshow

Chris Bribach from Plants On Walls installs a custom vertical garden (17' 9" x 8' 0") for the new Urban Bistro's buildout in the high-end shopping district of Burlingame.

March 10, 2011

Urban Bistro: Fern Planting

PlantsOnWalls began the fern wall planting of 320 ferns onto the Florafelt panels. Nine varieties of ferns were placed in the wall to determine the rough layout. Plants are pre-root-wrapped at the greenhouse before arriving on the installation site so we could focus solely on creating a masterpiece. In a half-day we had the entire wall planted including some re-arranging to get it just right. Come visit the fern wall at Urban Bistro's open air patio located off Burlingame Ave, at 270 Lorton in Burlingame, California map. Grand opening March 25th.

March 9, 2011

Urban Bistro: Living Wall

San Francisco Soup Kitchen opens a new Urban Bistro in the high-end shopping district of Burlingame just south of San Francisco. Their open air covered patio area is shaded with lots of bright light which is perfect for a living wall of ferns. The nearly completed build-out made us ready to install a living wall kit 17' 9" wide by 8' 0" high. The Florafelt full-pocket panels with black cover felt and painted black galvanized frame nearly cover the entire left wall of the space. Panels are made ready to receive the 320 root-wrapped ferns to be installed the next day.

Large Living Wall Irrigation

Providing water and nutrients for a large living wall requires some basic elements:

- A stable always-on water connection. One that will not ever be turned off by accident. Living walls need constant watering, sometimes daily. A washer connector hose will be connected to a 3/4" hose valve dedicated to the living wall. Consider housing the components in a utility locker.

- Relyable valve and timer. Use professional and simple systems. One valve is usually all that is needed to water the entire wall. Zones can be applied to various exposures over the face of a living wall.

- Water filter to remove chlorene and mineral deposits. Chlorene will kill natural microbiology in the soil necessary to break down complex molecules into food for the plant. Mineral buildup in the felt will affect pH levels and clog watering lines.

- Food Injectors provide a steady flow of nutrients to the plants. Organic based fertilizers are more gentle and encourage microbal growth near the roots that also absorb and break down toxins from the air. A specificly deluted plant food of any type is injected at a perscribed ratio. Accurate injectors operated by water flow are very relyable.

- Pressure Regulators are necessary to keep the water pressure even in the top and bottom rows of soaker hose in the living wall. Without them, more water will flow to the lower levels leaving the top level high and dry.

- Brackets to mount it to the wall.

March 6, 2011

Easy Container Combos

Great book that describes exactly how to combine vegetables and flowers to make beautiful combinations. She explains everything to make it easy. She describes how to plant in hanging baskets similar to growing in living wall panels. Easy Container Combos

March 3, 2011

Population's Living Wall Update

It's been 6 months and Population Hair Salon's tropical living wall installation is looking great.

March 2, 2011

Wood-Framed Succulent Wall

Scott Saarheim of Vallejo, California posted this photo of his vertical gardening handy-work on our Facebook page. We congratulate him on his beautiful display of succulent varieties framed with a handsome crafted wood frame. The Florafelt panel neatly holds the colorful specimens in place.

Florafelt Full 12-Pocket Living Wall Panel by Scott Saarheim. Vallejo, California.

March 1, 2011

Tomatomania at Cornerstone

Potter Green invited PlantsOnWalls to create living wall displays for the Tomatomania springtime festival event at Cornerstone in Sonoma, California.

Florafelt Full 24-Pocket Living Wall Panel at Potter Green. Cornerstone, Sonoma, California.

Los Altos Atrium by Living Green of San Francsico

Landscape designers from Living Green of San Francisco created living walls in the courtyard of thier clients home in Los Altos using two custom-sized PlantsOnWalls Floraframe living wall systems. They used small plant starts to build living tapestries within the compact sun-filled atrium.

Designers from Living Green, San Francisco, install a vertical garden using the Floraframe living wall system.

Custom Floraframe Living Wall Kit. Design by Living Green, San Francisco.

Floraframe Living Wall Kits for a private residence in Los Altos. Design by Living Green, San Francisco.