May 23, 2011

Floraframe Recirc 24

The Floraframe Recirc 24 is an easy plug-and-play way to grow living walls anywhere. This display of philodendrons  photos, manterra, begonia and other tropicals automatically waters itself from it's 5 gallon tank. A pump and timer waters the framed living wall panel once a day for 30 minutes. The water basin can be topped off once a week. A light fertilizer solution keeps the plants fed and healthy.

Floraframe Recirc 24 at PlantsOnWalls Showroom.

Living Facade

A wild collection of sun-loving succulents, sedums, shrubs, perinnials, and California natives are growing like crazy on our Living Facade test garden at our PlantsOnWalls Showroom at 10th and Bryant in San Francisco.

PlantsOnWalls Custom Floraframe Living Wall Kit 160" x 51" at PlantsOnWalls Showroom.

Floating Tropcial Garden

A year later, the floating tropical garden at PlantsOnWalls showroom is bursting with life. The tropical vertical garden has been watered and fed using an automatic drain-away system. Bright indirect light is the perfect setting for thriving tropicals. Come visit our showroom at 1190 Bryant Street in San Francisco to learn more about how we create these delightful low-maintenance ecosystems.
 Floraframe Living Wall Kit 128" x 51" at PlantOnWalls showroom, 1190 Bryant Street, San Francisco.