June 26, 2011

Atrium Garden

David from Burlingame longed for a tropical garden. He lacked the large yard space so he used a vertical garden to create home to over 200 plants to fill his sun-filled atrium with life. PlantsOnWalls used their Floraframe Living Wall Kit system to create 3 custom copper framed living walls to fill the open wall space. The excessive bright light allowed for a wide variety of plants including herbs and strawberries. The entire installation is watered and fed by automatic irrigation and excess moisture neatly drains into a floor drain in the space.

June 22, 2011

Floraframe Recirc Roller-Base

The Floraframe Recirc now has a freestanding companion. Simply slide in your living wall unit into a wheeled box that includes a storage bin for the wires, timers, food, and pruners. The wheeled unit makes it possible to position your living wall where it will grow it's best. Two Recirc units can be placed back-to-back in the single roller base for a two-sided green divider. Mobile vertical gardening anywhere. See: Floraframe Recirc

June 21, 2011

Pacific Coast Building Conference

West Coast Green asked PlantsOnWalls to display five fully planted Floraframe Recirc-33's at their lounge and lecture area for the 2011 Pacific Coast Building Conference. The lighted panels demonstrate how green elements can become an essential element in buildings. Significant numbers of plants in a building not only look spectacular but also filter VOCs from the air and they absorb significant amounts of carbon, making them a carbon-negative building material. This and other topics will be covered at their presentation space over the course of the conference. See: West Coast Green Salon

June 13, 2011

Patio Paradise

A living wall was created for a patio garden in San Francisco. Ranging from shade to full sun, the plant design results in a varied mixture from end to end. From left to right (shade to sun): ferns, coral bells, coleus, day lilies, and daisies. A wide variety of plants including annuals can be used in the pockets because they can be changed out seasonally.

June 7, 2011

Population Hair Salon

Population Hair Salon spruced up their environment by adding some fresh foliage to their living wall. Salon owner, Brian, is a big-time plant lover whose clients delight in it green growing presence. The jungled salon is located at 537 Divisadero Street in San Francisco, TEL: (415) 440-7677. Swing by for a fresh new look.

Fern Wall for Urban Bistro. Burlingame, California.

Visit Urban Bistro in Burlingame, California to view their luscious living fern wall designed and installed by PlantsOnWalls. It's a delightful experience and their dining patio is fabulous. Urban Bistro, 270 Lorton Ave, Burlingame, CA 94010, (650) 347-7687