August 28, 2011

Florafelt A-Frame Vertical Garden

On the street in front of our PlantsOnWalls showroom we've planted our new Florafelt A-Frame Garden with beautiful miniature dahlias. The freestanding garden is made from two Forafelt vertical garden planters that are manufactured back to back and open out and create a freestanding vertical garden. The A-frame garden is a great concept for anywhere vertical gardening. A sign can be easily mounted to the top to create a sandwich board style street sign to attract attention. Each morning open, the A-frame garden is pulled to the sunny sidewalk and watered. The light-weight design is easy to fold together and store inside at night.

Florafelt A-Frame Vertical Garden Sandwich Board Sign at PlantsOnWalls Showroom.

Florafelt A-Frame Vertical Garden Sandwich Board Sign  at PlantsOnWalls Showroom.

Florafelt A-Frame Vertical Garden Sandwich Board Sign at PlantsOnWalls Showroom.

August 21, 2011

SF Foliage Living Walls - Over a year old..

Our living walls at San Francisco Foliage are now over a year old. We approached SF foliage in May of 2010 to collaborate in testing our system in their greenhouse using their plants, see: SF Foliage Living Walls. Now over a year later the walls, mostly unattended to, have taken on a life of their own. We are very thankful for their generosity in donating the plant material early in our development. They have been an excellent resource for gorgeous and unique plants and their staff is extremely knowledgeable about offering advice on plant choices.

Low-light Tropical Living Art

A mix of low-light tropical plants can be grown in areas where artificial light will keep them growing green. In nature these plants are found on the forest floor where they thrive in minimal lighting conditions. A variety of philodendrons including pothos, Exotically patterned manterra, Chinese evergreen, spath, and a rugged bromeliad happily grow in this Floraframe Recirc24. This pivotal centerpiece for this traditional home is powered by a single 50 watt spot light from above. A pump and timer move water through the system daily. The 5 gallon tank is topped off every couple weeks and small amounts of organic plant food is added occasionally.

August 20, 2011

FLORAFELT Garden Panels - Living Fence

This San Francisco backyard used Florafelt Vertical Garden Panels to create a lush living wall for it's compact deck space. Ferns fill the full-shade side of the fence while sun tolerant choral bells and coleus grace the middle zones. Sun loving iris and daises fill the right corner that gets full sun in summer.

A living wall was chosen as the best way to hide the backside of a neighbors fence. The wall is made with seven F24 and seven F12 modular planter panels to create 19 foot wide by 6 foot high garden. The rigid Florafelt planters come with hanging tabs on the top corners which make them easy to hang anywhere. For this installation eye hooks were placed along the top of the fence every 32" (the width of the planters) and 6 foot chains were hung down. The planters were then hung on the chains using S hooks.

Once the irrigation tubing was connected and tested, 252 plants were root wrapped then inserted into the felt pockets. A hose timer keeps the system moist 2 times daily for 5 minutes. Just enough water seeps from the soaker hose which wicks water down into the panel. Roots find their sweet-spot in the moist felt. Plant food is injected in the watering system. Plants thrive in this semi-hydroponic state. Some soil in the system integrates complex microbes into the system that breakdown nutrients and balance pH.

The entire wall can be installed and planted the same day with 4" to 6" plant starts for an instant grown-in effect. Automatic irrigation lets you forget about it as it grows, other than the pampering you may desire to give to your garden. Root-wrapped plants are easy to arrange and change for seasonal color, or just change of heart.

August 18, 2011

Floraframe Recirc 24

Ken from San Francisco installed a Floraframe Recirc-24 over his video monitor to create a fresh experience for movie watching. The wall-mountable vertical garden system was filled with ferns, tropicals and orchids and is watered automatically by a timer. The self-contained unit is lightweight and easy to mount to any type of wall.
Floraframe Recirc 24 vertical garden system by